Demographics – Invest Medicine Hat


Medicine Hat’s population is stable, young and growing.

Medicine Hat is stable, young, and growing. It has a stable population pyramid with a good percentage of its workforce in the 20-35 age range. In other words, there is a replacement workforce for those approaching retirement.

Medicine Hat has a higher proportion of seniors than the province and larger centres like Calgary and Red Deer, but only slightly higher than nearby Lethbridge. At the same time, Medicine Hat has a higher proportion of children and youth than Western Canadian cities like Kelowna.

Data source: StatsCan Census Profile

Medicine Hat’s population is young, stable and growing.

According to the City of Medicine Hat’s 2015 data, Medicine Hat’s single largest demographic group is those in the 25-44 year old group, with a stable foundation of youth growing up here.

Combine that with the best cost of living in Canada and you have an excellent case for setting up shop here.

Medicine Hat’s central location gives us easy access to the prairie provinces. We’re on the Trans Canada and Crowsnest Highways, allowing us to easily reach markets from the BC to Manitoba borders.

From a labour perspective, we benefit from low living costs which helps keep our wages and product pricing competitive in a very economical market.

Daryn Schlamp
General Manager, Moduline Industries


Education and Talent

Medicine Hat is home to a number of professional engineers, trades and business professionals despite having a relatively low number of university graduates. In fact, outside of Calgary, there are more engineers here than anywhere else in Alberta. This includes a concentration of mining and petroleum engineering technologist trained, and electromechanical engineering technologists.