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A 2000 Megawatt Opportunity

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Southeast Alberta is home to nearly 2000 megawatts of proposed renewable energy projects.

As the region’s largest service center with a long history in the energy business, Medicine Hat stands to shine when full details regarding the Government of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan emerge later this year.

The Climate Leadership Plan includes a carbon levy that is expected to raise nearly $10 billion over the next five years to help grow the provincial renewable energy sector and build green infrastructure. Current provisions under the plan include:

  • $6.2 billion to help diversify Alberta’s energy industry and create new jobs
  • $3.4 billion for large scale renewable energy, bioenergy and technology
  • $2.2 billion for green infrastructure like transit
  • $645 million for Energy Efficiency Alberta, a new provincial agency that will support energy efficiency programs and services for homes and businesses

Medicine Hat is home to a strong cluster of highly qualified engineers and contractors with experience in energy applications.

And while there is no doubt the recent downturn has bad news for business, there is a silver lining to be found, as downward pressure has worked to ease some of the costs associated with building new projects. According to numbers from the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s WindFactsapproximately 1,600 megawatts of proposed wind projects planned for Southeast Alberta can expect to generate significant economic benefit, including:

  • $3.5 billion investment
  • 1,500 construction jobs
  • 110 permanent jobs
  • $190 million in lease payments to landowners over 20 years
  • $344 million in property tax payments to landowners over 20 years

Indeed, now is the right time to invest in renewable energy projects in Medicine Hat. Here are four opportunities worth watching.


Southeast Alberta is home to $3.5-billion worth of proposed wind energy projects, representing over 1,600 megawatts of power generation. In addition to wind, renewable energy companies have proposed 270 megawatts of solar generation. When these proposed projects get the green light, contractors with a Medicine Hat address will have a decided advantage over the competition.

Maintenance and Service

Located at the intersection of the Trans-Canada and Crowsnest Highways, Medicine Hat is perfectly located to serve renewable energy projects across the southern portion of Western Canada. The local labour market is well-versed in the benefits of maintaining far flung energy projects while the cost of doing business in Medicine Hat comes at a good discount to neighbouring jurisdictions.

Assembly and Distribution

Once again, Medicine Hat’s location offers companies looking to assemble and distribute renewable energy components an advantage over the competition. Western Canada’s low-cost business centre is worth a look for companies considering establishing an Alberta address.


Medicine Hat is home to a higher proportion of skilled trades workers per capita than anywhere in Alberta. Plus, the city is home to a diverse manufacturing sector including petrochemical, aerospace, and fabrication. Put it all together and Medicine Hat has what it takes to build world scale projects.

At a time when the world is increasingly committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Medicine Hat is worth a look for companies looking to take advantage of opportunities presented by Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan.