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Medicine Hat’s 3,000 megawatt wind energy opportunity

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In Medicine Hat, Alberta, you will find the most sunshine hours in Canada, stable and abundant wind resources, some of the lowest business costs in Western Canada, and a progressive municipal government.

According to the Alberta Energy System Operator‘s most recent projects list update, Southeast Alberta is home to nearly 3,000 megawatts of proposed wind energy projects, and interest is growing by the day.

As the Government of Alberta pushes forward on its plan to phase out coal by 2030, and both the federal and provincial governments commit to powering government operations with renewable energy in the near future, these proposed projects are becoming more of a reality.

As the region’s largest city with a population of around 65,000, Medicine Hat is in an enviable position to spur growth in what looks to be an industry on the verge of a boom. Its experience in wind energy and emissions reduction programs are highlighted by the Box Springs Wind Farm (in partnership with Box Springs Wind Corp) and municipally run renewable energy incentive HatSmart program.

Medicine Hat’s low tax and utility rates, and inexpensive commercial and industrial lease rates are appealing to wind energy operations and maintenance companies looking to establish a footprint in the province. Add in a high proportion of engineers and trained tradespeople, and Medicine Hat is indeed well-positioned to serve as a base for wind energy service companies.

Medicine Hat is well ahead of other jurisdictions in its adoption of wind energy and emissions reduction. It has established a reputation as a business-savvy community thanks in part to private sector talent being drawn to prominent City Hall positions, indicating that the city is indeed open for business.

Wind energy companies looking to establish a base in Alberta should consider Medicine Hat as an innovative, low-cost, talented city. It is worth a look, and Invest Medicine Hat can help you navigate the local business community and position your company for sustained success.