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FormTech and Atlantis turn on the jets

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Atlantis Research Labs taps FormTech Machining as the exclusive builder of the PureJet waste gas incineration system, adding new jobs to Medicine Hat’s advanced manufacturing sector

August 8, 2017 – In 2015, Atlantis Research Labs, a Regina-based technology company, started looking for a custom fabricator to build a prototype waste gas incineration system designed to help Alberta’s oil and gas producers meet provincial and federal methane reduction targets.

Following an exhaustive search, Atlantis chose Medicine Hat-based FormTech Machining as their exclusive supplier. The two entered into an exclusive partnership shortly after meeting and immediately got to work.

A prototype of the system, which utilizes jet propulsion technology to incinerate waste gas at 99.9% efficiency, was built within 60 days of the partnership agreement. The prototype has since generated interest from the oil and gas industry as it works to achieve 45% methane emissions reduction targets set to take effect by 2025.

“Several large oil and gas producers are evaluating PureJet right now,” says Vladimir Mravcak, CEO, Atlantis Research Labs. “PureJet is installed in the field with commercial partners who are demonstrating its efficiency.”

Prior to conducting commercial field trials, Atlantis worked closely with Invest Medicine Hat to secure a test location on the FormTech premises. That initial engagement has evolved into an going partnership.

“Invest Medicine Hat has been a key player in getting this project off the ground,” says Mravcak. “With their support, we have received nearly $10 million in funding from private investment, financing and government programs.”

“This is great news for Medicine Hat’s advanced manufacturing sector,” says Ryan Jackson, CEO, Invest Medicine Hat. “Our city is home to a high number of highly skilled fabricators. Partnerships like this help diversify the local economy by providing export-based growth opportunities.”

Indeed, FormTech is in the process of adding more welders and press brake operators to its staff as it gears up to build more PureJet systems. To date, the company has added 10 jobs, bringing total staff to 30. Over the next five years, Atlantis is projecting as many as 200 staff in everything from welding to engineering as PureJet enters the commercial market.

Buoyed by their early success, Mravcak sees PureJet as the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership in Canada’s sunniest city. Indeed, PureJet is one component of Atlantis’ product portfolio, which also includes a number of products under development within the company’s Avro Advanced Aircraft division.

“We are excited for the future,” says Mravcak. “Thanks to unique test ranges and skilled labour in trades and business, Medicine Hat has emerged as a base of operations that will allow us to continue research and development activities well into the future.”