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Altitude rising

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Medicine Hat’s unique airspace and education assets position the city as a global aviation centre.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is anticipating a significant pilot shortage to emerge in the next ten years, thanks to an aging pilot population and more people flying than ever before.

With such demand looming, Medicine Hat is uniquely positioned to take advantage. Let’s take a look at some local assets that could lead to our city becoming an international aviation and aerospace hub.

Flight Training

Super T Aviation has been training pilots in Medicine Hat for decades. The flight academy can host a maximum of fifty students at a time and has plans to build on-site housing, which is a major draw for international cadets.

Airspace Galore

Medicine Hat has direct access to an enormous swath of unrestricted, low-traffic airspace as well as higher traffic space in nearby Calgary, Lethbridge and Edmonton. In addition, Medicine Hat’s varying weather compared to flight schools in fair-weather locales gives pilots much-needed experience in that regard.

Medicine Hat College

English is the international language of aviation which means fluency is key for air safety. Medicine Hat College has a well-established English as a Second Language (ESL) program that can prepare international students for aviation careers around the world. Once international students graduate from ESL, they can move seamlessly into Super T’s pilot program with all the skills they need to fly commercially.

Potential for Growth

Super T currently receives calls from China looking for space to train 150 student pilots or more. With language and aviation education capabilities in Medicine Hat, there is potential to meet Asia’s growing demand.

Reputation for Quality

Canada has a well-established reputation for producing high-quality pilots who are fluent in English, can navigate congested air traffic and can handle anything Mother Nature throws at them.

Around the world, more pilots are retiring than graduating. It is an issue that is only going to become more pronounced in time and Medicine Hat has all the assets to train future generations.

All it takes now is to put the pieces together.

Photo Copyright Ozzy Delaney, edited by Invest Medicine Hat.
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