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Beyond City Limits


Township Tees goes global from Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Medicine Hat retail entrepreneurs Amy Gervais and Jeff Barrett recently launched Township Tees, a hyper-local Medicine Hat brand, to a global audience.

The new brand celebrates Medicine Hat’s local language featuring universal designs including an “Aberdeen, Belfast, Cambridge” t-shirt that pays homage to three of the city’s most beloved streets.

With more than a decade of e-commerce experience under their belts, Gervais and Barret have seen online sales coming in shortly after launch and have remained steady ever since.

“With the internet, you can sell from anywhere,” says Medicine Hat entrepreneur Amy Gervais.

Her online shop, Rapscallion Design, has been in operation since 2007, and has a five-star rating on Etsy.

Custom Print & Stitch – Gervais and Barret’s company responsible for Township Tees – is a result of a relationship between Gervais, Barret and a long-time Medicine Hat sports and apparel retailer. “In the beginning, I was trading designs for screen printing and it kind of went from there,” explains Gervais, adding that their design lead to orders from the beginning.

With a low cost of living relative to major urban prairie cities, Medicine Hat offers amenities to rival larger cities like Calgary and Saskatoon.

“As a business location, Medicine Hat provides entrepreneurs and business professionals an amazing high quality of life,” says Ryan Jackson, Invest Medicine Hat’s general manager. “Commute times are non-existent and home prices considerably less than what you would expect to pay in larger centres.”

Medicine Hat is Alberta’s boutique prairie city. Home to over 63,000 people, low cost of living, frequent chinook winds to break our typically long Canadian winters and a surprising wealth of creative people – from engineers to artists – make it a great city to call home. “I feel like Medicine Hat is on a cultural upswing right now,” says Barret, referring to places like the Esplanade, Medalta and independent cafes hosting live music.

“In Medicine Hat, there may be one hundred people who like your product,” says Gervais. “But online, there might be a hundred thousand. And we can reach them from here.”

Township Tees’ owners have proven for decades that sustainable sales can be achieved from Medicine Hat.