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Sunny Bone Broth

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Thanks to Southern Alberta’s well-respected cattle industry, low business costs and excellent market access, Medicine Hat is well-positioned for the right team to start a bone broth company.


Southern Alberta beef has long been highly-regarded across North America for its quality. As bone broth continues its emergence from the niche paleo diet community, grocers like Whole Foods are starting to show an interest in the product. Meanwhile, companies in San Francisco and Manhattan are experiencing long lines of customers.

There is a business in taking beef bones off the hands of Medicine Hat-area ranchers and abattoirs, and turning it into a marketable product. It would solve two problems at once: take advantage of an emerging trend, and add value to a product that was previously discarded.

A Medicine Hat-based bone broth company could reach national markets. Here’s what such a company could look like in Medicine Hat.


Southern Alberta is the heart of Alberta’s cattle industry. In bone broth, area ranchers and meat processors see an opportunity to develop a new market to sell their nutrient-rich marrow bones to a broth producer.

Quality is vital to the success of any product in the premium health foods market, which makes Medicine Hat a great destination for an entrepreneur looking to get in on the ground floor of a hot new health food trend.

A Medicine Hat-based bone broth producer would benefit from working with Alberta beef, which has an excellent reputation for quality worldwide.

Whole Foods is very bullish about the bone broth category. San Francisco-based Bru Broth wasn’t prepared for how aggressive they were so weren’t ready to deliver what they wanted, but they have been patient. The health food industry is bullish about bone broth being the next evolution of green juice.

Endurance athletes, CrossFit and Paleo Diet communities are early adopters, but bone broth is a healthy beverage that appeals to a far wider demographic.

Locally, a Medicine Hat broth producer would benefit from a steady supply of bones from area processors and ranchers. Southern Alberta ranchers are well-known for raising some of the best grass-fed beef in the world.

The Setup

There’s meat behind this idea, so how do you make it happen? Let us run down some of the details, including the market, the source, and timing. For anybody already in ranching, this business could be operating almost overnight.

To help you along, we even provide editable logo files at no charge. Use them for your website, business card or branding. They’re available to you under Creative Commons 0 licensing, which means they’re free to whoever wants to use them, at no charge, and no need to credit us. We just want to see a Medicine Hat broth company.

WHO | health and quality-conscious consumers

Premiumisation” is going to be big business in 2018. Customers are looking for simpler, healthier, cleaner products. Bone broth checks all the boxes, and already has momentum thanks to the rising popularity of the paleo diet.

WHAT | Premium Packaged Goods

Grocery chains Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have proven there’s a market for premium-branded foods. And as pointed out, customer demand for these products is going to be a big trend in 2018. Closer to home, Edmonton-based Little Potato Company has already made a name turning a low-price commodity into a hot ticket. Bone broth could be next.

WHEN | First-Movers

The first in will see the most upside. The trendsetting cities of San Francisco, New York, Vancouver and Toronto are already on board but they can’t compete as easily on quality. This is where Medicine Hat really shines … we have the world’s best product in our back yard.

WHERE | Alberta Cattle Country

Bone broth consumers are going to have high expectations of quality, which puts Sunny Bone Broth in an enviable position. With effortless access to North America’s best beef and bones, a Medicine Hat-based company has overnight access to a market of nearly 4 million.

WHY | Add Value

Medicine Hat ranchers and provincially-inspected abattoirs currently see bones as a liability, as the market is extremely limited. Making bone broth would create a completely new market for them, while serving a customer willing to pay a premium for quality.