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A malt house in Medicine Hat? Why Not?

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 Alberta’s malting barley is well-known and the province is far along in a booming craft brewery boom. Yet there are only two malting houses in the province. Shouldn’t there be more?

CBC recently reported that Alberta’s booming craft beer industry has presented additional business opportunities around malt.

There are currently only two malt houses in Alberta, but over fifty craft breweries (and more opening seemingly by the day). With abundant barley in the province, it’s only a matter of time before clever entrepreneurs start supplying locally-produced, small-batch malt to craft breweries.

According to CBC’s article, half of Red Shed Malting’s malt barley is consumed by Alberta’s craft breweries, which make up 12% of the total market. Similarly, a Montana study noted that the US craft beer market makes up nearly 6% of that country’s industry but consumes nearly 18% of the malt.

No matter how you look at it, craft malting is a growing business opportunity that is still untapped in Alberta.

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