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Five hemp ideas for a small business

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Websites such as Pinterest and Google searches are full of ideas for hemp start-ups. Here are five of Invest Medicine Hat’s favourites.

Hemp is happening in Medicine Hat and with local growers surrounding Canada’s sunniest city it opens up the opportunity to create a small start-up with locally sourced and organic materials.

Industrial hemp is one of the first crops grown in Canada, but took a hiatus for about 60 years when it was made illegal. Hemp has a low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, 0.3%, which makes it virtually impossible to get a high from smoking or ingesting it.

Currently, industrial hemp is one of the most planted crops in Alberta as demand for its stem and seeds for use in food and fibre products is exploding. Here are five ideas for entrepreneurs to get in on the hemp buzz:

  1. Squeaky clean

Hopping the shower is part of a daily routine and the quest for the best skincare is never-ending. Hemp oils are full of Vitamin E and are praised for anti-aging benefits to the skin. With an abundance of recipes, making soap from scratch is easy with only a few simple ingredients, such as local hemp oil, and soap makers can get creative with various molds and packaging.

  1. Good vibes

From loofahs to friendship bracelets and macramé, the possibilities for home décor and jewelry are endless for the DIY -talented. Made from hemp fibre, the bracelets and baskets are sought after for their bohemian beach vibes. New design ideas and instructions for making the products are in abundance on websites like Pinterest.

  1. Buttered up

This one is for entrepreneurs who are creative in the kitchen. Made from the seed of the plant, hemp heart butters are an alternative for people with nut allergies and can be flavoured for those with a sweet-tooth or snackers who like a salty spread. Hemp’s balance of 30% protein and 40% fat has it hailed as a health super food. The Canadian Health Food Association named hemp the superfood of 2016 due to its versatility and richness in minerals including phosphorus, potassium and iron.

  1. Sew it

Hemp material is more durable than cotton, making it a solid choice for those who wear out their clothes quickly and hemp fabrics have a luxe, linen look without the wrinkles. The hemp fibre’s durability makes it an ideal fabric to make wallets and bags. Home decor items such as table cloths, curtains and blankets are also a great items because hemp is naturally mold and mildew resistant.

  1. Don’t forget Fido

Pets can also enjoy the benefits of hemp in the products they use. Hemp materials can be used to make a variety of items such as toys made out of hemp rope, leashes and collars. Also, hemp ideal for animal bedding because of its ability to reduce odors and durability.