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A growing opportunity

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Food processing opportunities exist in Medicine Hat thanks in part to a mature greenhouse industry.

With nearly 70% of Alberta’s total vegetable greenhouse area, Medicine Hat is the centre of Alberta’s greenhouse vegetable production industry. Thanks to a wealth of local horticultural and business experience, two farmer’s markets, some of the lowest tax and utility rates in Canada, and easy access to millions of customers, food-related entrepreneurial ideas are ripe for the picking in Medicine Hat.

Let’s explore five advantages of setting up shop in Medicine Hat.

  • Medicine Hat has the talent
    Thanks to a mature greenhouse industry, Medicine Hat has a high population with horticultural experience. Meanwhile, Medicine Hat College’s business and entrepreneurial programs prepare students to take advantage of emerging business opportunities.
  • We have the product, too
    70% of Alberta’s greenhouse production area is in the Medicine Hat region. Here, you have direct access to growers specializing in tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.
  • Farmer’s Market central
    Reach an active market looking for locally-grown product with the year-round Market @ Medalta and May-October Stampede Farmer’s Market. Both markets are well-established and attract hundreds of shoppers each week, making an ideal proving ground for any startup.
  • Access to the world
    The Crowsnest Highway ends in Medicine Hat and offers direct access to the West Coast and billions of overseas customers. The Trans-Canada highway provides access to a national market, including nearly 3 million people within a five-hour drive and a US border port 100km south of the city means you’ll have no problem reaching your ideal customer.
  • Low business expenses
    Medicine Hat’s utility and tax rates are among the lowest in the country. And thanks to dividends from a city-owned utility that has supported a high quality of life for over a century, Medicine Hat offers benefit in both categories.

Greenhouse vegetables represent entrepreneurial opportunities beyond growing. Other North American greenhouse communities have expanded into value-added products like salsa, canned tomatoes or dill pickles. Medicine Hat has all the right ingredients to grow in this area. All it takes are some clever entrepreneurs to put those ingredients together.