Hotel Makeover – Invest Medicine Hat

Hotel Makeover


Stagewest Hospitality completes latest round of renovations at Medicine Hat Lodge including two new restaurant concepts, lobby beautification and room refresh.

The Medicine Hat Lodge has been the city’s showcase hotel & conference centre since 1986. With stiff competition, maintaining appearances means an annual capital improvement budget of $300,000 and $600,000 and as high as $1.2 million.

“We’re always making changes to rooms in order to keep things modern,” explains Fraser, adding “we also spend lots of time with behind-the-scenes stuff like rooftop units that keep visitors comfortable.”

And who does all that work?

“Very rarely do we go out of town [for construction work],” says Fraser. “There are lots of good construction options in Medicine Hat. There is a very good ecosystem of trades here and we have developed good relationships.”

Invest Medicine Hat has the data to back up Fraser’s comments.

In fact, according to Invest Medicine Hat General Manager Ryan Jackson, “There is a higher proportion of trades here than anywhere else in Alberta. Pair that with an affordable workforce and Medicine Hat emerges as a great place to set up your new business.”

New investors and entrepreneurs hoping to set up shop in Medicine Hat can rest assured that the local trades have them covered.