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The search for a city

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The Gauthiers chose Medicine Hat for their new chiropractic clinic and home.

July 12, 2019

With their heart set on establishing a chiropractic practice in a small Alberta city, Justin and Milessa Gauthier set out on an epic road trip, visiting locations across southern Alberta. In the end, Medicine Hat’s friendly folks, good vibes and small town charm won them over.

“Even when we went to a McDonald’s drive thru to get coffee, the woman was so excited for us when we mentioned we were looking at moving to Medicine Hat,” says Justin Gauthier, who opened Integrity Spinal Care after completing a chiropractic program in Davenport, Iowa. “It was cool running into random people who were excited about this city.”

After making the move from Saskatchewan, the Gauthiers opened Integrity Spinal Care in March 2019 with a focus on National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA), a chiropractic discipline that focuses on the upper vertebrae of the neck and does not twist or pop the joints.

Integrity Spinal Care’s 2,300 square foot office in the Norwood Professional Centre has consultation and chiropractic rooms, and a recovery room with plush recliners. A massage therapist also operates her practice out of the space, providing a complementary service to patients.

Situated at 2810 13th Ave SE, the Norwood Professional Centre is a new, three story building offering views of the South Saskatchewan river valley and beyond. The office building is home to accountants, orthodontists, insurance brokers, and travel agents.

13th Ave is also a major commercial roadway, connecting downtown to the Trans-Canada Highway, making Integrity Spinal Care a convenient stop for local and out-of-town clients. Medicine Hat serves a catchment area of approximately 140,000 people, including the communities of Bow Island, Brooks and Swift Current.

“There were a lot of things that had to happen for us to be in Medicine Hat,” says Justin, referring to the couple’s search for a city to call home. “We are where we are supposed to be.”

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