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Machinists wanted

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Growth in precision manufacturing creates demand for machinists

July 24, 2018

Form-Tech is hiring up to three new machinists to keep up with sophisticated projects.

“The market is demanding intricate components for aerospace projects and down-hole tools used in fracking,” says Mark Brown, president of Form-Tech. “One tool can take 140 machine hours to create.”

Form-Tech opened in 1992 as a machine shop. The company diversified into welding and is looking to its machining roots for growth. Today, the 40,000 square foot manufacturing shop serves local and long-term contracts in oil and gas, and aerospace and defence.

Last year, Form-Tech was acquired by Atlantis Research Labs to become the in-house manufacturer of Atlantis’ PureJet system, a technology that uses jet propulsion technology, to incinerate waste gas at 99.9% efficiency in an effort to reduce methane gases. The prototype has since piqued the interest of the oil and gas industry, with the company unveiling the technology at Calgary’s Global Petroleum Show in June.

As Form-Tech continues to grow its client base, it is looking for qualified machinists who have computer programming skill sets to operate CNC machines, filling orders from Medicine Hat-based aerospace and defence, and oil and gas companies.

Medicine Hat’s unemployment rate was 5% in June, according to data from Statistics Canada with a standard error of 1.7%. Year-over-year, it was an increase of 0.5%.

Medicine Hat’s fabricators began 2018 with their eye on managing sustainable growth as economists forecasted a year of steady growth for Alberta’s economy.

The Royal Bank of Canada expects the economy will reach a “cruising speed” and grow by 2.3% this year.

So far, nearly every manufacturing subsector in Alberta is performing above last year, according to ATB Financial. In May, the bank reported sales in machinery manufacturing, the subsector that includes aerospace metalworking, are up 18%, year-over-year.

Growth in precision manufacturing has Form-Tech hiring qualified machinists. To apply, send a resume to human resources at