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Manufacturers plan for growth

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The owners of Red Arc Manufacturing are planning to add more staff as the company grows into its new shop.

July 7, 2017

Following years of intermittent use, a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Medicine Hat’s Brier Park Industrial Estates  is now fully occupied.

Red Arc Manufacturing opened for business on June 1, 2017, taking with it the last remaining 9,000 square feet of space available in the former Wittke garbage truck manufacturing building.

“There are so many possibilities for our company by setting up in this building,” says company co-owner Ryan Hazelaar. “We’ve got two paint booths, 16-foot doors, a 10-ton crane and a 5-ton crane. It gives us the room that we need to grow.”

Indeed, manufacturing is on the rebound in Medicine Hat and across Alberta. The Conference Board of Canada  predicts Alberta will once again lead the nation with 3.3% GDP growth predicted for 2017.

“From what we’re hearing, people are hiring,” says Ryan Jackson, CEO, Invest Medicine Hat. “Fabricators from across the region are looking for welders, machinists, CADD technicians and engineers. Not to mention over 200 full-time jobs posted online.”

Local statistics bear Jackson’s observation. Locally, Medicine Hat’s unemployment rate peaked in February at 6.9 % and is now sitting at 6.2%.

Red Arc Manufacturing was founded in 2009 by journeyman welder Dustin Ziegenhagel, with a focus on oil and gas fabrication services. In 2017, Ziegenhagel partnered with journeyman machinist Hazelaar to expand the company’s scope.

Today, Red Arc Manufacturing is a full-service fabrication company including machining, bending and welding. A 20-foot long, 6-foot wide CNC controlled cutting table rounds out the service offering.

Although Red Arc is looking to diversify into new markets, existing relationships with Western Canadian oil and gas, Medicine Hat’s robust petrochemical cluster, and local manufacturers will remain at the core of their business.

“At the moment, it’s just the three of us,” says Hazelaar. “But with this new facility we’re hoping to double our staff as the economy picks up and opportunities present themselves. We’re looking forward to building our team.”