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Petrochemicals / Sector Profile

Skilled labour, competitive taxes and utility rates are some of the benefits of doing business in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

With potential to capture up to $2 billion in new investment, Medicine Hat’s petrochemical industry is poised for growth.

Chemical, fertilizer and other heavy industrial companies already located in the city include Methanex, CF Industries, Goodyear, Cancarb, and Porocel of Canada. The straddle gas plant complex near Empress adds to the mix.

Originally drawn to Medicine Hat by an abundance of natural gas, these major employers contribute to the local economy and add significant value to Alberta’s natural resource wealth.

Medicine Hat, Alberta has much to offer petrochemical companies looking to locate in Western Canada — skilled labour, no equipment tax, competitive taxes and utility rates are some of the benefits of doing business in Canada’s sunniest city.

Medicine Hat Advantage

Skilled Labour
Medicine Hat is home to a high concentration of engineers, owing to the large petrochemical and aerospace and defence clusters located in the city.

The City of Medicine Hat does not charge equipment tax. Tax rates are some of the lowest in Canada.

Because it owns and operates its own electric utility, the City of Medicine Hat offers some of the most competitive utility rates in all of North America.

Natural Gas
The City of Medicine Hat’s gas distribution tariffs are among the lowest in Canada.

The City of Medicine Hat offers a significant water capacity license agreement for access to the South Saskatchewan River.

Meet the Petrochemical Community

Methanex Corporation is the world’s largest producer and supplier of methanol. The Canadian-based company’s Medicine Hat facility has an annual production capacity of 600,000 tonnes and supplies methanol to customers across North America. As a Responsible Care company, Methanex adheres to the highest principles of health, safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

CF Industries
CF Industries is a global leader in transforming natural gas into nitrogen. The company’s Medicine Hat facility is the largest nitrogen manufacturing complex in Canada.

Cancarb is a leader in the development, manufacture and global marketing of thermal carbon black. With a capacity of 45,000 metric tonnes per year, the company’s Medicine Hat facility is the world’s largest of its kind.

Porocel is a worldwide, innovative leader in catalyst services and a leading producer of activated alumina, specialty absorbents and support media. The company’s Medicine Hat facility serves Western Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Goodyear is one of the largest tire companies in the world. From Medicine Hat, Goodyear exports tires to vehicle manufacturers around the world, ensuring quality and performance standards.

Real Estate

Brier Park is one of Western Canada’s most important business parks, home to Medicine Hat’s existing cluster of petrochemical companies. Located on the Trans-Canada Highway, Brier Park is home the rail lines, natural gas lines, and other major industrial infrastructure. Various buildings and lots are available for sale or lease. Neighbouring Brier Park, the City of Medicine Hat owns several undeveloped sections of land suitable for industrial use. For more information about Brier Park and other land available for development you contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Also located on the TransCanada Highway, Box Springs Business Park is a private development in the northwest part of the city. With hundreds of acres of land available, Box Springs Business Park welcomes your business. For more information about Box Springs Business Park you can contact John Hashen by phone at (403) 548-1295 or by email at

Click here for a fully summary of real estate in Medicine Hat.

Incentives and Support

In addition to its skilled labour force, no equipment tax, and competitive utility rates, various incentive programs are available to companies in Medicine Hat from both the provincial and federal governments. Some of the programs of interest to the petrochemical industry include:

Alberta Tax Investor Tax Credit
Capital Investment Tax Credit
Canada-Alberta Jobs Grant
SME Export Support Fund
Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program
Strategic Innovation Fund

Located in the Province of Alberta, Canada, Medicine Hat-based companies benefit from Alberta’s entrepreneurial spirit and competitive business climate, which includes access to low cost feedstock, the lowest corporate tax rate in Canada, and the youngest workforce in Canada.

News and Reports

  • sector profile
    • Alberta is a leading petrochemical manufacturing province, home to four major ethylene plants with a combined annual production capacity of 8.6 billion pounds.
  • Petrochemicals Diversification Program attracts 16 applicants
    • The government says the long-term benefits of the program include a more diversified and resilient economy and up to 3,000 new jobs during construction and 1,000 more once the facilities begin production. The target is between $3 billion and $5 billion worth of investment.

Brier Park Industrial Estates

Brier Park is one of Alberta’s most important industrial parks, producing value-add products from methane natural gas. It boasts easy market access, city utilities, heavy industrial zoning and open land. Some of Canada’s largest petrochemical manufacturers already do business here. These companies are thriving thanks to the city’s transportation connections, low business costs and talented workforce.