Where Care Meets Technology in Assisted Living – Invest Medicine Hat

Where Care Meets Technology in Assisted Living



When Masterpiece was building their new senior living facilities in Medicine Hat, they wanted to provide a different kind of feel for their residents. Moving away from a clinical feel and more to that of a resort or hotel meant integrating technologies that could help both residents and employees stay connected to each other and the outside world.


While working with the Phone Experts, Masterpiece was in search of a specific technology that would allow their staff to provide faster, more efficient care to the residents. In the past, nurse call systems had a button beside the resident’s bed that would activate a light at the nurse’s station which would then alert the staff that they needed attending to. In some homes, there was a wireless call system with a pendant that could alert staff that a resident was in need, however it did not give the nurse the ability to call back. Both of these systems proved to be inefficient, as it did not give staff the opportunity to triage the needs of the clients. While some calls may be genuine emergencies, some may be as simple as needing a glass of water that could wait until they attended more immediate needs in the case of an emergency.


Two weeks before the scheduled launch of Masterpiece, the original vendor that the Phone Experts had chosen was unable to deliver what they had promised and to execute what Masterpiece needed. The Phone Experts had been working with Panasonic for many years and were aware of an Alpha coming out for the nurse call. They reached out and asked if they could move ahead with the technology, despite it not yet being available on the market. Panasonic was thrilled to have their new technology utilized for the project, and within 48 to 72 hours they had the equipment engineered, on the way, and put into place.


“When we reached out to the channel manager at the time, we said these are the needs, we know it’s not available but what are the chances we could be a trial run? And so, we were actually the first to install in North America. It was really exciting for Panasonic as well as us, and for Masterpiece as well as we were able to fulfill every single need that they were looking for and hadn’t been able to find in previous years with any other system.”

-Brandi Simons, Business Solutions Specialist, Phone Experts


What separates this technology from other programs is that they can track all activity that happens within the system, allowing families peace of mind knowing their loved one is properly cared for. There are often cases where residents have dementia or early onset, and their perception of time is not accurate. They may press their button and feel as though it has been hours before they get a response, which would obviously be concerning for the families. With the Panasonic system, the care providers can show exactly how much time has passed between the call button being pressed and the nurse attending to the call.


This feature gives Masterpiece the ability to provide the best care for the residents in a timely fashion as well as reward staff that are taking appropriate measures to provide residents with exceptional service. They are also able to use that data for training to optimize the service they are providing. Additional devices such as a chair or bed fall alert can also be integrated into the Panasonic phone system and wireless call system. If a resident were to fall an alert will go back to the nursing staff and they will know to go to that room even if they are unable to press their pendant. For clients with dementia, a wandering device can be integrated allowing staff to ping residents from the network to locate them. If a resident cannot be pinged, it will immediately alert the staff on duty allowing them to be quickly and safely located.


Technology like the Panasonic system the Phone Experts installed in Masterpiece is completely scalable to any facility, whether there are 10 suites or hundreds. These systems don’t have to be costly either, they can start small and provide extensive needs for the client. What are the pain points for healthcare providers and where could their services be improved? Using that information, The Phone Experts pinpoint solutions and present pros and cons to accommodate their wish list and then work within a budget to give their client’s residence the best care and experience.


The install at the Medicine Hat location was so successful that Phone Experts have engaged with other Panasonic partners from Eastern Canada who flew in to view the system and learn how to apply it with their own clients and facilities. Panasonic also flew in a team from Chicago to see their technology in action, and they still model after the Masterpiece residence today. Through communication with the Phone Experts they are able to assess client needs and modify the software accordingly, allowing the system to constantly evolve and meet new and developing requirements.


Not only is the integrated technology helpful for the staff, but as the Phone Experts is also a Telus Authorized Dealer they are able to offer completely integrated solutions using mobility, Telus Wireline, Telus Wifi, Telus Fibre, and Optik TV. This well-rounded offering allows the Phone Experts to offer every possible solution within the residences, from providing tablets with health records and medical checks, to an internet backbone that can facilitate hundreds of people at one time, ensuring residents are able to keep in touch with their families and friends.


Overall, the Phone Experts have 20+ years of innovative technology solutions that have given them the competitive advantage to provide an expansive selection of solutions for a multitude of clients. Strong relationships, such as the one with Panasonic, keeps them on the leading edge of integrated technology and allows them to provide the most up-to-date solutions for any obstacle their clients may need to overcome.