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Q&A with Cam Inglis, President, Poko Popcorn

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Poko Popcorn is looking for a Medicine Hat franchisee as the company expands across Canada

Invest Medicine Hat recently sat down with Cam Inglis, president of Poko Popcorn, about his search for a franchisee to expand the brand into the Medicine Hat Mall, which is in the middle of a $15 million renovation.

IMH: What’s the best location for a Poko Popcorn store?

High-traffic, enclosed malls with a focus towards entertainment make the best locations for Poko Popcorn stores. Places with restaurants and theatres where people are out and about on evenings and weekends are ideal.

IMH: What drew you to the Medicine Hat Mall?

Recent improvements to the mall are highly attractive. It shows a significant investment by the ownership. If you were to scour the country and look at similar-sized cities, chances are you wouldn’t find an enclosed mall as strong as the one in Medicine Hat.

IMH: What makes your popcorn unique?

We use mushroom corn, a special kernel that pops into round, fluffy popcorn. The shape of the popcorn makes a difference in the flavour profile. And of course we use real ingredients in everything we do.

IMH: What’s your favourite flavour of popcorn?

The dill cheddar is unbelievable!

IMH: Why is Poko Popcorn a good investment?

Popcorn has been around for 125 years and counting! It’s a growing category, in both retail and wholesale, with minimal competition at the grocery store level. Our stores have a small inventory, require only a few staff members, and are a manageable investment, with only a $50,000 cash requirement.

To learn more about Poko Popcorn, visit them online at www.pokopopcorn.ca.