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Residential Infill Incentive

On August 4, Invest Medicine Hat (IMH) launched the Residential Infill Incentive Program, comprised of five unique grants, as part of the city’s response to COVID-19. Owner’s of an infill property can apply for up to a combined maximum of $25,000 for each land title.

Recognizing that infill development can be challenging, IMH sought to identify and understand those challenges in order to build an incentive program that could specifically address them.

Challenge #1

The property currently has a run-down, old house that needs to be demolished first. It will likely contain asbestos that could be costly to remove.

The Hazardous Materials Survey and Abatement Grant will provide up to $10,000 towards ensuring this is done safely.

Challenge #2

Now that you have a bare lot, you’d like to densify by building a duplex. Unfortunately, the lot only has a single set of utility services and adding a second set is costly.

The Eligible Utility Infrastructure Upgrades Grant will provide up to $15,000 towards having the City install or upgrade utility services to your property line.

Challenge #3

You’re looking to invest and more doors equals more return. Unfortunately, your lot is zoned low-density residential and applying for a land use bylaw amendment isn’t cheap.

The Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application Fee Grant will provide up to $5,000 towards successfully changing the zoning to medium-density residential.

Challenge #4

Developing new construction in our city’s mature neighbourhoods will often require the help of an architect, engineer or professional designer to ensure the new developments fits with the neighbours, and professional services come with additional cost.

The Professional Design Services Grant will provide up to $5,000 towards such services.

Challenge #5

This program has you excited about the opportunity for infill development, but you don’t have a lot to build on and land is expensive.

IMH has you covered. While lots in new subdivisions can reach $25 / ft2, there are currently vacant, infill lots available in the River Flats at less than half of that cost.

Learn more about available lots in the established neighbourhood of the River Flats:

1161 Queen Street SE – $36,100 + gst (PDF)
1155 Queen Street SE – $35,950 + gst (PDF)
1250 Bridge Street SE – $35,570 + gst (PDF)

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