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Medicine Hat’s skies present international opportunity

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Globally, more pilots are retiring than getting their wings. Meanwhile, Boeing estimates that more than 100 million new passengers will be taking to the air in the near future. Medicine Hat’s Super T Aviation has a well-established pilot training program and recently went international by singing a Memorandum of Understanding with Ireland’s National Flight Centre. We talked to Terri Super of Super T Aviation to find out how the school is positioning Medicine Hat as an international pilot training destination.

  • Medicine Hat has the capability to train international pilots
  • Next generation of European commercial pilots to train in Medicine Hat

With an abundance of uncontrolled airspace and 330 sunny days per year, which equates to 90% visual flight rules and more training in the air, Medicine Hat is the ideal location for students to become commercial pilots. They have the room to learn new flying skills and advance to busier locations, such as Calgary and Regina, and get flight experience in hot and cold climates as well as flight over mountain terrain.

Additionally, students will learn from experienced pilots, including Super, with a school and company that has been operating in the aviation industry since 1965.

The company is working to extend their flight training services to international pilots. With the global pilot shortage in mind, Super T recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dublin International Flight Centre. It’s a first step to what Super hopes will be a growing program.

“Globally, there is a need for more pilots and it’s a huge opportunity for Super T to meet the growing global demand for pilots,” said Super.

Potentially, the new pilots would graduate with qualifications to fly in Canada and Europe, paving the way for Medicine Hat-trained pilots to ascend to the captain’s chair anywhere in the world.

“We can see the potential because of Medicine Hat’s location,” said Super.

Plenty of airspace for pilots to hone their skills and nearby access to international airports makes Medicine Hat well positioned as a location for a flight school. Combined with experienced instructors at the well established Super T Aviation, European pilots could be training in Medicine Hat skies in the near future.