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Technology for Mental Health

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While the ongoing pandemic is hard on everyone, the stress and uncertainty can be particularly difficult for people with mental health disorders. Today, there is widespread mobilization to accelerate innovation and research in this field.

For Stacey Steele, a registered provisional psychologist at Stacey Steele Counseling, staying current in the field of mental health and finding new ways to support her community is top priority, particularly while clients are coping with the impact of the pandemic and an uncertain transition back to school.

Steele’s practice is the first to introduce a neurofeedback machine with financial support from the City of Medicine Hat Business Innovation Grant.

“I am so grateful that the City and City Council allocated money in its COVID response plan to support local businesses,” says Steele. “I was able to purchase new research-based technology and hire another local, professional to operate the machine. I am able to expand my mental health therapy services in a way that benefits both the community and my business.”

A neurofeedback machine is a non-invasive tool that focuses on optimizing the brain, rather than suppressing symptoms.

During a session, real-time audiovisual feedback allows professionals to assess and give immediate feedback on a client’s brainwave activity in an attempt to teach self-regulation of brain function.

“Alone or combined with other behavioural therapies, neurofeedback is meant to treat several cognitive, mental, emotional and physical symptoms,” says Steele. “It is not a cure but a method of managing the workings of the brain to promote health and wellness. I am expecting to start taking appointments in November 2020.”

Today, Steele specializes in working with teens and adults that have been impacted by childhood trauma offering individual, couples, family, and teen counselling services.

Stacey Steele Counselling is located at 231 6th Avenue, Medicine Hat, Alberta. Services can be accessed at

If you feel your mental health or the mental health of a loved one is at risk, help is available nationwide by calling toll-free 1-833-456-4566, texting 45645 or chatting online Crisis Services Canada.

Call 911 if your situation requires immediate support.