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Testing, testing

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Jim Sodero and Stan Burton developed a software that has grown Medicine Hat-based Solutions Thru Software into a multimillion dollar company.

September 20, 2017

When the Government of Alberta privatized registry services in the mid-1990s, Sodero and Burton were first-movers in providing testing software. Taking their programming expertise from a 14-year career with Defence and Research Development Canada’s unmanned vehicles work, the two used their spare time to develop automated driver testing software on a Commodore Amiga system under a new company – Solutions Thru Software (STS).

Initially selling software to individual agencies in Alberta, their first government contract came from Delaware, in the United States. “We thought we had hit the big-time,” says Sodero. “We got a $114,000 contract and decided to do STS full time. It was a heck of a risk.”

The risk paid off. Today, STS is in 26 jurisdictions across Canada and the United States with 33 employees in three primary locations, including Canada’s sunniest city. “With technology the way it is today, you can operate anywhere,” explains Sodero. Indeed, with a 100% client retention rate, the Medicine Hat-based STS has over two decades of growth and has established a global standard.