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Medicine Hat is Western Canada’s Wind Energy Epicentre

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The Gas City has what it takes to serve Western Canada’s growing wind energy industry

The Government of Alberta is committed to generating 30% renewable energy by 2030. The Government of Saskatchewan, meanwhile, is committed to 50% renewables by 2030.

Medicine Hat, Alberta is located in the geographic centre of Alberta and Saskatchewan’s renewable energy resource. As the market for renewable energy grows, Medicine Hat is a perfect base for operations, maintenance, engineering, procurement and construction companies in Western Canada’s rapidly shifting wind energy sector.

Let’s explore four advantages that make Medicine Hat an attractive destination for Canada’s wind energy industry.

Medicine Hat is at the centre of Western Canada’s wind energy resource

Some of Canada’s best onshore wind resources are found in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. From a home base in Medicine Hat, wind energy companies are well positioned to service planned renewable energy developments across Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Medicine Hat has a skilled labour force

Medicine Hat is rich with engineers and tradespeople, thanks to a well-established petrochemicals industry, a century of municipal energy generation, and a wealth of oil and gas service experience. As Alberta and Saskatchewan moves toward wind energy generation, Medicine Hat’s labour force already has the experience required to engineer, construct and operate wind farms ensuring that projects get off the ground quickly.

Medicine Hat has affordable real estate

For those seeking office and workshop space, Medicine Hat’s prices offer a discount over similar jurisdictions without sacrificing quality of life. When it comes to wind turbine installation, the City of Medicine Hat has 100 acres near the existing Box Springs Wind Farm, which is serviced by an electrical substation that is currently operating at approximately 50% of capacity. There is more land throughout neighbouring counties — as the region’s largest city, Medicine Hat is a logical choice to manage and service projects throughout the region.

Medicine Hat has a stable municipal government

For decades, Medicine Hat’s Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources division has returned a dividend to the city, providing high quality of life for residents, and low municipal taxes. As the price of natural gas declined in recent years, the city began proactively looking for additional ways to extract value from its land holdings and ensure the continuation of dividend payments. Early results of the latest program have exceeded expectations.


As Alberta continues to move forward with its Climate Leadership Plan, wind energy is going to be an important piece of the puzzle. Medicine Hat is centrally located within Western Canada’s best wind resource, and has the labour force and real estate to accommodate companies looking to engineer, operate and maintain wind farms in the region.